Saturday, May 26, 2007

Battering down the hatches!!!

On Thursday it was TWW, (too windy to work). I had to rinse out what I had set up on Wednesday or it would get too dark or eat through the fabric. (Ah, the choices of a rust dyer) While I was out onside working in the Rust-Tex studio, the wind was whipping the trees around and making that swooshing noise that proceeds a big storm. Sometimes a stick would hit the deck. When I heard a big one land on the driveway, I quickly finished up the rinsing. I put anything that could blow away in the house.
As shown in the picture above I left the cast iron cookware on the table, to catch the rain and develop a deeper layer of rust. I figured if it the wind was strong enough to lift cast iron off the picnic table, the house wouldn't be left standing either. I went into the basement studio to wait out the storm. It passed through very uneventfully. Leaving behind a perfect day for rust-dyeing on Friday. Sadly I never got into the studio. Between garage sailing and cleaning the house for company in the evening there just wasn't any time. Today it is too cold. Maybe tomorrow...

Sunday, May 20, 2007


The best thing I found while garage sailing this week-end was a plastic utility sink for $4. While we were at Home Depot, trying to figure out a draining system, we saw the same EXACT sink for $44. I never would have bought one at that price. But it is a great addition to the rust-Tex Studio.
As you can see from the picture it fits perfectly into this niche. My DH helped me attach it to the garden hose so now I have running water. How cool is that???
What I didn't find were any steel baking sheets. Whoever is buying up all the cookie sheets in Madison please call me? I think two of them would get me through the season. I would be willing to trade muffin tins for them.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Terrific Tower of Tea

I scored this Terrific Tower of Tea while I was garage sailing this Saturday.
It doesn't matter how old the tea is because I am not going to drink it. I am going to use it in the Rust-Tex dye studio. It has been known since ancient times that iron oxide and tannin will give you gray fabric.