Saturday, September 23, 2006

Garage Sale Part 2

What I never told you was that I closed my garage sale over Labor Day week-end after a couple of hours. My in-laws were coming up from IL the next day, SEVEN of them!!! There I was sitting outside not getting a lot of business because it was a holiday week-end with perfect weather for being outdoors, worrying about what a mess my house was!!! As soon as I decided to close up the garage sale I was energized enough to really deep clean the first floor. But I still had 27 boxes of stuff to sell piled in the garage.
So today was the DAY!!! I sold off a bunch of stuff and took the rest over to Goodwill Industries. They have a drive through drop off center, where good natured young men happily unload your car.
If you EVER hear me talking about having a garage sale again PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE remind me how much better it would be for all the world, if I spent my time rust dyeing cloth and making fiber art!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Good News/ Bad News

The Bad News:
It has turned COLD here in WI. It is preventing me from working in the Rust-Tex studio. The wind and the squirrels have tipped several lightweight things over. My DH put up the storm windows and moved my main table and some small racks that were in his way. I can see all this damage from my kitchen window...sigh...
The Good News:
Everything I took to Quilt Expo has been put away!!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Back in Business

It seems that this blog was down for a bit recently.
But it now is working ok!
I have not been posting because I was getting ready for Quilt Expo in Madison.
Sales are brisk at the booth.
Here is a picture of my booth. Notice all the nice rust dyed fabrics.
I call these fat quarters and yarns "Rust-Tex Coordinates."
I am too exhausted to post any thing else tonight.