Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Yes, That IS Ice

Although I took this picture last week, the weather is milder this week. I think it is close to the time to pack up the old rusty stuff out on my deck and call an end to the rust dyeing season.
I find myself so inspired in the spring to start rust dyeing. As the days grow longer and the weather milder I start saving milk jugs to carry water from the side of the house to the deck. I study the weather reports for rain or warm weather and I plan my work accordingly. During the summer I usually spend 2 hours a day in the Rust-Tex studio. This past 4th of July I was out there ALL day.
Presently I am searching the weather reports for a warm dry day so I can pack it all up until the mild days of spring arrive here again.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Linen Scarves

Here is a picture of the linen scarfs I set up to dye last week.
See that strange pinkish color?
It washed out.

I ended up with a beautiful gold with specks of dark brown.

Here is a picture of two of the scarves, artfully arranged on my studio companion, Theresa. She sure makes those scarves look good. I wish I knew how to sew them into a vest like that. It wouldn't quite fit me as this Theresa is a size 4 and I am not.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Too Early for Indian Summer?

Today was the prefect day for rust dyeing, clear sky, 81 degrees F, no mosquitoes, just enough wind to keep the warm air moving so you feel comfortable, rain in the forecast. Needless to say I set out quite a few pieces of cloth. I tore up an old linen table cloth into 12" wide strips to make scarves for winter coats. I was getting a very different color on the linen than I usually get. It might be time for me to make fresh sumac juice instead of using the fermented stuff. I wonder how many other natural dyers are getting colors like that?
I didn't take a picture today because I can't believe that will be the final color. I plan to post a picture of the linen scarves when the dyeing is done.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Birch Bark

One of the Rust-Tex.blogspot.com readers came through my booth at Quilt Expo. She said her favorite thing on this blog is seeing the set-up and the resulting pieces. So here is a new set-up I developed that give me "birch bark" every time.
First picture is the gathered fabric smeared with "sludge", and dowsed in sumac juice and lightly salted.
Then beautiful results of white cloth with subtle lines of black and brown similar to the markings found on birch trees.
The side pillars at the top of this post shows how you might crop this fabric to REALLY make it look like birch trees.