Saturday, September 23, 2006

Garage Sale Part 2

What I never told you was that I closed my garage sale over Labor Day week-end after a couple of hours. My in-laws were coming up from IL the next day, SEVEN of them!!! There I was sitting outside not getting a lot of business because it was a holiday week-end with perfect weather for being outdoors, worrying about what a mess my house was!!! As soon as I decided to close up the garage sale I was energized enough to really deep clean the first floor. But I still had 27 boxes of stuff to sell piled in the garage.
So today was the DAY!!! I sold off a bunch of stuff and took the rest over to Goodwill Industries. They have a drive through drop off center, where good natured young men happily unload your car.
If you EVER hear me talking about having a garage sale again PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE remind me how much better it would be for all the world, if I spent my time rust dyeing cloth and making fiber art!!!

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DubiQuilts said...

Me Too. I would rather be dyeing/painting fabric or quilting then having a garage sale.

Your rust dyeing has my attention. I will reading your blog to learn more.