Friday, May 02, 2008

A Good Buy at Any Age

I found 12 brand new damask napkins at the Saver's Store. It is something like a Goodwill or St Vincent De Paul store. I think these stores benefit Easter Seals.

I knew the napkins were new because they were never cut apart and hemmed. The original stickers were stilled glued to the linen. Since I am going to dye them in the black dye pot this summer and then sell them to art quilters, I will never have to hem them. I wonder if that is why they were never used?

The other part of this story is I got my first senior citizen discount while buying these. The cashiers always ask if you have any coupons. I have searched in newspapers, coupon packs and fliers for these alleged coupons. So I ask where I would get a coupon. She said from making a donation or if you are shopping with someone 55 or over. I don't remember ever having made a donation to this organization but I did remember having a birthday in Dec and knew I was not 54 any more. Finally I said, "I AM 55." And without even checking my driver's license she gave me a 30% discount! WOW!!! I thought the napkins were a great price before the discount.

I plan to shop there more often!

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