Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Rust Dye Vidcast

I am Bonnie McCaffery's vidcast this month!!!
Picture of Lois and her new best friend
She recorded this in my booth at International Quilt Festival in Chicago way back in April.
See if you can find this shot in the vidcast
So anytime you want to hear and see me talk about rust dyeing just follow this link:


Linda Smith said...

I saw the video and am more excited to try rust dyeing than ever, so I am looking around for found rusty items. I was wondering if you ever tried using magnets. Seems like you could put a magnet on one side of the fabric and some of that iron dust and make some pretty interesting designs.

Lois Jarvis said...

I have been experimenting with magnets and iron filings. The rust dust is no longer attracted to magnets...sigh...

Michele Matucheski said...

Great video, Lois. Everyone came to your booth in Chicago! Maybe I will try rust dyeing yet ... I still love the scarf I bought from you. ;-)
Michele in Oshkosh

Plain Jane said...

Hi saw your video on bonnie's site and came right on over. I've been doing some rusting on silk organza and love it. Love all your techniques! Now, I'm going to buy your cd.