Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A True Story for Election Day

Ami Simms began the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI) because she thinks it is possible to make a difference, one quilt at a time. She asks quilters to make "Priority Quilts", so named by the requirement that these quilts must fit into a cardboard USPS priority mailer without folding. They are small works of art no larger than 9 inches by 12 inches. All the money raised from the sale of these quilts funds Alzheimer's research.
Rusty Leaves Jenny Williams
These small quilts are sometimes sold outright at selected venues across the United States. Ami took 1,000 PQ to the Houston Quilt Show and I am hoping she didn't bring any back with her to Michigan.
Wine & Cheese Under the Stars 2 Beth Hartford
You were not at the Houston Quilt Show so didn't get a chance to buy a PQ in person????
You can buy one on the auction page of the AAQI and you are in luck because the auction starts tomorrow, Nov 5!!!!
Free Spirit Everlasting Kathryn Kistner
I have been supporting the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative, not by actually making quilts to be auctioned off, but by sending pieces of Rust-Tex fabric to members of the quiltart list who accepted the Stay At Home Challenge. (We stayed at home instead of going to the Houston Quilt Show...sigh...)
All the quilts in today's post were made from the 10"-11" square of Rust-Tex fabric I sent out to those who requested it.
Catch A Falling Star Ann E. Ruthsdottir
One member of the SAHC wrote this:
Back in 2002 my siblings and I realized that dementia was seriously affecting both of our parents. My mother had classic Alzheimer's symptoms, but my father's symptoms were not as clear. As part of the process of having them both diagnosed, I took them to see a geriatric psychiatrist. I sat with each of them as the Doctor ran through all the typical questions:
What day is it? Mom had no idea.
What are the names of your children? Dad got 4 out of 5.
Who's the President? They each independently answered this question exactly the same way: "We don't know, but we don't like him."

Faded Glory Diane Petersmarck
And that's why I support the AAQI and Ami's effort to change the world one quilt at a time.

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