Monday, July 06, 2009

No Rust Dyeing This Week!

Our Middle Daughter will be home for the summer. She said she would like to repaint what we always called the "girl's bedroom". I said, "Great, I will have it drywalled." Since this project started, last Monday, I have not been able to do ANY rust dyeing...sigh...
This shot shows the yucky green color and the cracked plaster the girls lived with since we moved into the house 22 years ago.
Here is that same wall after the plaster was removed. It shows the old electric wiring. The cable on the left is a network cable that comes up from the basement next to the heat vent.

Here is the new electric. DH added 3 outlets and put the network cable and a phone land line in a box. In this picture you can see the network cable is still loose and laying in the heat vent. Here are the two young guys who hung the drywall. They were moving soooo fast I could only catch them as a blur with my camera.

Here is the same wall as the first picture with the dry wall hung and the first coat of mud waiting to dry.

I only wish I could have afforded to do this before our three daughter's left the nest.


Janet said...

Congratulations! It looks great. Too bad about missing rust dyeing though.

The Idaho Beauty said...

It's downright scary thinking about some of the wiring lurking in the walls of older homes. Sometimes it's a good thing to get in there and see what you've got, update what needs updating.

This will be a great space, much nicer without the cracks! I'm sure it bothered you much more than it bothered the girls at the time.