Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Rust-Tex Collection at International Quilt Festival-Chicago

For those of you who didn't make it to Chicago for the International Quilt Festival and couldn't see the Rust-Tex Collection (RTC) make its debut, I will attempt to show you what it was like. Just remember quilts are so much better viewed in the cloth then on the internet.
Here is the sign marking the entrance to the show. Our youngest daughter, who goes to MIAD, designed the Rust-Tex logo when she was a sophomore in high school. For this show she made a pdf that could be enlarged to whatever size was necessary. This poster was 24" x 36". IQF did a great job on all the signs.
The 25 quilts of the RTC were displayed in these four bays.
Here is one of the "Quilt Angles", that is what IQF calls their "white glove ladies", admiring the RTC. The one of the left is Rusted Geometry the one on the right is Moonstruck.

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