Friday, October 01, 2010

Festival of Quilts Con't

I was at the Festival of Quilt (FOQ) in Birmingham, England for 5 days and this is the only picture of a quilt I took. They had many of these little quilts in different languages. But this one really tickled my fancy. I was thinking how it would feel to touch a cactus instead of a quilt, OUCH!

Most these quilt were 8.5 x 11 inches or "A4" as they call that size paper in England. I Goggled "A4 paper" and found it is 8.27 x 11.69 inches in Europe. "Close enough for government work", as we say here in the States. This quilt won the Best of Show award. It is a miniature quilt that is a Mariner's Compass with 128 points!!! Not only did she do it once but 3 times as you can see in the photo. The quilting was exquisite. Either it was trapunto or so tightly quilted that it made the less quilted area pop. That is what I do when ever I make on of My Mini 9-Patch Derivatives.

Mission: Impossible 2

I didn't take this picture I downloaded it from the FOQ Facebook(FB) Page. Just go to FB and search for on Festival of Quilts. If you are techno savvy enough to read a blog I am sure you can search FB.


viswiss said...

keep u p the good work!!

Highland Monkey's said...

Golly that's one impressive quilt. It must have taken ages to do.