Monday, June 06, 2011

While at Woodfield

While I was waiting for Legoland to open, I went to Woodfield Mall. I was impressed by two really wonderful window displays! Both had paper dress, one was made out of a stiff paper and one was made out of wedding invitations.

The one at Anthropologie, was made from a stiff paper. What caught my eye, was the window that had an old Singer treadle sewing machine in the window. As I went farther I saw this one!!!

It blew me away!!!

Here is a close up of the dress. Notice how the marking are drawn on the paper.

I asked at Papyrus if I could post it to my blog. Which got the manger, of the store taking, she said every dress was different as they were free to design their own wedding dress.

I thought they did a really nice job, on the front and the back!

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