Sunday, April 22, 2007


TWW is an abbreviation I use that means "too weird for words". Today it meant "too windy to work"!!! Today started out just beautiful. So much like last year's 4th of July that I thought how much work I got done that day and how painful my legs were on July 5th. So I knew I would have to pace myself.
The first thing I do everyday is reclaim rust dust from my filtering system. The wind was blowing so strong, I put the filters in a container in the house. They will keep until the wind dies down and my precious rust dust won't go to the four winds.
The wind was hot and dry. It dried all my setups before any interesting marks could develop on the fabric.
Here is a picture to show how hard the wind was blowing. It was like that all day until about 7:30 when started to rain.

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