Monday, April 16, 2007

And So It Begins

Today with my taxes filed and the temperature predicted to be 68 degrees F I decided it would be a good day to set up the Rust-Tex studio out on my deck here in Madison, Wisconsin.

On Friday the 13th, I demonstrated rust dyeing at the "Sampler", one of the events at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago . I placed a rusty star on a styrofoam plate, added a bit of salt and a bit of water, then I showed some other techniques from the Rust-Tex Instructional CD. After each demo I put the plates on top of each other. At the end of the event I put the whole pile in a plastic "zip-lock" bag.

Today at home I opened the bag,

unpiled the plates,

rinsed the fabric and hung the newest batch of stars on the line to dry. As I scrubbed each plate to reclaim the rust dust, I was surprised to see the stars had made marks on the bottom of the plates.

Would rust dyeing work on tyvek?


joyce said...

I am now inspired to try some rust dyeing. The stars on the line look wonderful.

k baxter packwood said...

Yes it would work on Tyvek, you can rust anything including polyester and acrylic.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you "live" again Lois. I've missed you!

Jan H