Monday, July 30, 2007

A Clean Up Day

I took another day off from rust dyeing to clean up the room where I store the fabric, chemicals, and protective clothing i use in the Rust-Tex Studio. I should have taken a before and after picture but it is painful to admit part of my house looked that bad.
This room is just off the kitchen. You pass through it on your way to the deck. When we moved in almost 20 years ago it was a mud room with a sink and toilet bowl. That was great when we had little girls playing in the yard. As they grew up, it became the recycling center. We sorted recyclables into 12 different categories and each had to be processed a different way to get them recycled. Now our city uses a single stream method of recycling so it all goes into the same bucket. “YEAH” to that but “BOO” to the way the mudroom filled up with other stuff. The final straw came when that nice blue tub you see in the picture, which is full of fabric on its way to becoming Rust-Tex, was forced to sit in the middle of the room because there was so much other stuff in the mudroom that you couldn’t squeeze around it. At that point, I felt something well up in me. The useless stuff disappeared and everything organized itself neatly on the shelves. I am not sure how what happened. It might have had something to do with my reading the last Harry Potter book over the week-end.

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