Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hangin' in There

I am so busy having adventures in rust dyeing that I am not finding time to post about them. But I just had to share this with all you readers. This is a picture of a 100% polyester scarf dyed with rust (and tannin). I took this picture was after the scarf went through the washing machine. Originally it was a white scarf with a woven pattern that I saw at a garage sale. Based on the price I decided I wouldn't be out very much money if it didn't work. So I gave the lady her asking price of 50 cents. It worked and you can see it is gorgeous.
Because my rust dye season has to end in mid September this year, I am working at rust dyeing as much as I can!!! I am making t-shirts to sell at Christmas time sales. I am also experimenting with other clothing. Stay tuned for more pictures soon.

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