Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Travel Scarf 2

While on vacation this summer I took a rust dyed scarf and Shiva Paintstiks along to collect rubbings from different places. The Paintstiks were in silver, gold and copper or as I like refer to them, "Rust-Tex Co-ordinates".
This summer the USD to the Euro was not strong. I was glad to have a way to remember my trip without spending much money. It also got us out of the tourist areas and into the town looking for manhole covers with the name of the town on it. We must have seemed strange to the locals as we rubbed our hands over every thing to determine if it was raised up enough to make a good rubbing.
So the picture of the day is of the bedside table in our hotel on Florence,
and how the rubbing is on the scarf. In this picture you can also see we took Pigma pens in brown and black to label where the rubbings were from.

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