Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Travel Scarf 3

Here is the tablet in Ephesus, written in Greek, that we took a rubbing from,
and here is how it appeared on the scarf.
The word "Dubrovnik" is from a man hole cover in our first port of call, which was of course, Dubrovnik, Croatia. We spent most of the day walking the walls of the old city looking for something that would make a good rubbing and a perfect memento. We did a grape leaf and found the word "Margit" for Peggy's scarf but that was it. When we finally got into the old town we found this manhole cover. It was so clean that it shone!!! We had no trouble adding it to our scarves as there is no vehicle traffic in the walled part of the city.
The pattern to the right of the Ephesus tablet is from the bathroom floor in the cabin of our cruise ship. Once you start looking you see patterns that will make great rubbings everywhere!

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