Wednesday, September 03, 2008

More Crystals

It seems I am fated to grow crystals this week in the Rust-Tex Dye Studio. All day yesterday there was a strong dry wind blowing and it was HOT. We finally had our first 90F day of the summer. I was out to the studio (read: deck) every hour to rehydrate fabrics. I was getting frustrated until I remembered there is a way to utilize those weather conditions by making what I call "Copper Hills" fabric. I have not used the copper solution since last fall and it was STRONG!!! These little crystals formed at the top of all the ridges. Most the copper color rinsed out and the fabric was less than spectacular.The best thing to come out of the Rust-Tex studio yesterday was the picture of the crystals.


Pat Bishop said...


I purchased your tannin a few months ago and have loved the results. My friend Jill and I have been experimenting with rust and tannin all summer having a ton of fun. We have a question for you, is there something you can do to the tannin effect so that it doesn't wash out if you want to overdye it? Jill tried soaking her tannined piece and it started to soften around the edges. Any advice? We live in Appleton, WI and will be in Madison on Saturday at the very end of the show to pick up our art quilts. Wondering if you planned to be there if we get there before its over. Pat Bishop

Anonymous said...

Hi Lois,
I was told by someone (I have no idea who it was) that somewhere in your blog you have talked about old fashioned blueing used in the rusting of fabrics. I can't seem to find it. Could you direct me there, or repeat the information? Thank you!

Lois Jarvis said...

On September 02, 2008 in the post called "Blue and Gold", I talk about using bluing not for rust dyeing but for growing crystals.