Thursday, September 25, 2008

Prairie Treasures Quilt Show

I will be vending at the Prairie Star Quilters Guild show this week-end. Come and see Rust-Tex fabric in the cloth, because it is so much better then on the internet. Follow this link for more information:
I will bring the same rust dyeing supplies that I carry in the store at and MORE!!! If you let me know you are a reader, I will give you a free gift.
(There is no picture of the day as my hard drive failed and EVERYTHING has to be reinstalled...sigh...)


Lelia said...

i enjoyed meeting you in Valparaiso over the week-end. You have a remarkable talent! The rust dye is awesome. Thx for sharing your Ground Zero quilt.

kathy said...

How do you get the blue color in you dyed art?