Sunday, March 29, 2009

What I Did This Week-End

No rust dyeing for me this week-end. My YD (Youngest Daughter) and two of her art school friends came here to learn something about fiber art from me. I am thrilled that the next generation is interested in fiber art and welcomed them warmly into my studio and by the end of the week-end into my heart. One of the young women was taking embroidery thread, a hoop and fabric to her figure drawing class as her drawing tools. The next two pictures are examples of what she did in class.
Very cool!!!
But hand stitching takes a very long time. I taught her free-motion machine embroidery and here is what she did with it.
She was talking about taking a sewing machine to class!!! They are students at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design so I am pretty sure she would be allowed use it.
The picture below is another piece by her that she wanted some advice on. I told her to join the Quiltart List and Studio Art Quilts Associates because I don't think she needs ANY advice on how to make fiber art.


Sharon said...

Wow! Your young student is making great art! Thanks for sharing!

Carol Sloan said...

Awesome! What an beautiful piece of art!

Pam Hebding said...

I am very impressed with this young woman's work! It exciting to see such good work from a young one.

Suzan Morgan said...

Very original! Its nice to see some work done by someone with a fresh look at stitchery! Suzan

Anonymous said...
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