Monday, September 21, 2009


I have not posted in a long time because life gets in the way.
As you know I garage sale every Friday with my DH. One day we found a metal cat that was painted black. Of course I HAD to buy him. Using my DH's Dremmel tool I sanded off the paint to make a striped cat on one side and a calico cat on the other side. The resulting fabrics are shown near the picture of the sanded piece. Of course they print in reverse.

Cool huh???


kathyinozarks said...

Love your cats! what a very neat idea for a rust project thanks

susan said...

love the kittys...thank you again for such a great class experience. any of you out there who have the opportunity to take a class from will be very pleased.
you have opened some major doors for me...mahalo

Cathy W said...

Great kitties!
will this be included in your upcoming Festival class? I was looking at the post above about rusting, am pondering your class on W-am, and just had to post this note.

Your two kitties remind me of mine from childhood days: my calico & her tiger-striped kitten.


珊珊李 said...
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