Thursday, July 20, 2006

And the winner is...

The voting went to the top CD label for the Rust-Tex Instructional CD, which is now finished and ready for you to purchase. The cost is $20. It includes complete instructions for 4 Rust-Tex techniques, an art gallery and a fabric gallery. I will be selling copies at the Art Cloth Symposium on Saturday night from 7-9pm at the Textile Center in Minneapolis at an event that is open to the public. The rest of you will have to wait till I get back to Madison. Next week, Rust-Tex.Com will be up and running by Wednesday. There you will be able to see one complete technique from the book, so you can, browse before you buy. I gotta go get some rest for the long drive to MN tomorrow. So good-night and sweet dreams, Dear Reader of

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Elena said...

It looks terrific, smashing label - best wishes in your latest venture,