Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hanging-out with Friends

Saturday was the prefect day for rust dyeing and I was planning on doing that after lunch. The morning was reserved for the UFO Club workday. Seeing that I am the Queen of the UFO's, I thought it was important to for me to make an appearance, since I have not been there in several months. My phone rang while I was getting ready, and I ended up spending the entire day here.Mostly it was spend in this room.
And finally, when my friend was admitted to the hospital, this was the view from her window. You can see the what a beautiful day is was...sigh...

The up side is she REALLY NEEDED to go to the hospital, she is on the mend, and will be released on Monday. Friday night I went with a carload of friends, from the Madison Contemporary Fiber Artists, to the opening of our show in Plymouth, WI.
The above piece is by Wendy Butler Burns

The show is called, "Hanging by a Thread". All the pieces were about social issues. My piece was called, "Tire Reef Disaster". It is about an artificial coral reef made of tires that was sunk in the 1970. It never became a coral reef. It has actually caused great damage to the ocean floor. The cables holding the tires together have broken and tires are washing up on beaches in FL.

Yuck!!! What were they thinking!!!

Here is my piece, which is made of all rust dyed fabric. I printed the Associated Press article on fabric. It is in those two boxes below the ocean scene.

The picture of the day is what I wore to our eldest daughter's wedding. Many of my friends left comments on the Pirate and the Princess post, requesting to see what I wore. I call it my Rust-Tex Floater and wear it on special occassions.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog w/ color pix!

It felt like I was there! Wait a minute, I WAS just there!

The OTHER Theresa that can no longer go into your creativity room!

Lois Jarvis said...

Theresa I am glad you were at he wedding not the hospital!!! Now that you are back in Washington, DC I am missing you. Having named my studio companion after you helps with that.