Friday, August 29, 2008

Polyester Double Knit Re-Purposed

This past winter I bought a chunk of polyester double knit at Savers. The previous year I had rust dyed a polyester scarf and thought the way the water flowed through the fabric, called "wicking", was interesting. The scarf already had large graceful curves woven into it.
Yesterday I tried the double knit and Pow...Zap...Zowie...
I was struck by the results!!!
This piece is really flat. I didn't bunch it up for the picture. Those wonderful troughs and highlights formed as the rust dye wicked through the fabric. I have another piece out there without the little wire guy in the middle.
I wonder if I can get quilters to accept the idea of using this kind of fabric in their art quilts? Polyester double knit is indestructible and never needs to be ironed. Back in the 1970's everyone's grandmother had a pants suit made of this fabric. It was also the fabric of choice for leisure suits with wide lapels that were worn by guys with bad reputations.
Forget bamboo fabric, I am looking for polyester double knit at the next garage sale.


KarenF said...

Wowee!! It's gorgeous! And I shudder at the thought of how much double knit I sent to Goodwill after my mom passed away...if only I had known!

Sue Cottle said...

Wow - really cool Lois - I love the wicking effect - and your wee man.