Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who is using the Rust-Tex Studio...

...not me. I have been busy with my sick friend and lots of other things that unfortunately keep me out of the rust dye studio. I did venture out there the other day to mourn the loss of my creative time and I saw that spiders have been using the piles of rusty stuff to support their webs! Yipes! "Yipes!", not because I am afraid of spiders but, "Yipes!", because I think I should be the one using that rusty stuff. So today I did a bottle wrap using this bottle and some copper wire I found at a garage sale this past week-end. Any one know what this bottle is from?
I will post a picture of the finished piece as soon as I can.


KarenF said...

That is the COOLEST bottle!! Can't wait to see the results

Pastor said...


Did you ever do anything with that bottle? I just found your blog while looking for this specific bottle. It was made by an Italian company for their red wine. I have been attempting to locate more details myself, as I hope that somewhere in Europe there is a little hoard, or an ongoing production, of these bottles. If you still have it I'd like to know. Please get in touch, you're the first person I've found that knows of this kind of bottle!


Anonymous said...

you can probably make some cash off of that bottle. It's exactly like the kind used as a prop in Deep Space 9 (Kanar bottle).

I'm sure there are a lot of collectors that would fork over cash for that.