Saturday, April 11, 2009

International Quilt Festival-Chicago

The title of today's blog post is the actual name of what is locally called the Rosemont Show. I refer to it as Quilt Fest so I don't get it mixed up with Quilt Expo, which is the other big show I do.
Here is a picture of how my house looks today as I am getting ready for the show.
Being located in the Make-It-University (MIU) area I was asked to teach a class for them. It will be on Thursday night at 5:30, cost $10. It is the very first class offered by MIU and within 30 minutes of the show opening, so I don't think there will be a lottery for it. Sign up for my class called, Real Leaf Fabric. Here is the description: Using real leaves, students will make a stamp and capture the true essence of a leaf on fabric.
Descriptions of other MIU classes can be found here:

I am also having an Open Studio on Thursday night from 7-9. Stop by and watch me make fish cards using rust dyed fabric.
My booth number is 1638. Stop by and identify yourself as a Rust-Tex.Blogspot.Com reader for a free gift.


Carole said...

Hi Lois: Close call. I was just about to get a tree in my backyard cut down and the fellow mentioned it was a sumac. I kept wondering why that sounded so familiar and then I remembered reading about sumac juice on your blog. I am assuming that they are one in the same but not sure. So before I cut, I wondered if I could boil the old conical shaped head (has wintered and still on tree) and maybe get some sumac juice that you talk about. Or, do I need to wait until spring bloom? Thanks, Carole

Lois Jarvis said...

You could make sumac juice from those over wintered seed heads. But the tree has WAY more tannin in it so after they cut it down make a natural dye bath using the branches bark and all.
Don't make too much as it does go bad over time.