Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Rust-Tex Booth at International Quilt Festival-Chicago

Here is what the Rust-Tex booth looked like before International Quilt Fest-Chicago opened. I had a corner booth and it worked out better than I expected.
The lights in the convention center gave the same strange coloring to the pictures of my booth as last year. Next year, I will have to figure out how to take pictures at the correct setting for these lights.

The next two photos show what the inside of the booth looked like. I took one photo up each aisle of the booth.DH and I spent 5.5 hours setting up on Wednesday. On Thursday I spent another 4.5 hours moving around all the stuff he had put on hooks. I call it fine tuning. He calls it a waste of time. That is why I do it alone. To take it all down and get it packed into the van for the return trip, took 1:44 minutes. Here are my happy booth workers are still standing and smiling after breaking down the booth. I was still standing but I was shaking. The hard boiled eggs that are part of my "show food" diet, froze in the hotel room refrigerator. So I didn't have a protein hit before packing up the show. Before I drove back to Madison, Nurse Peggy, had me eat a whole rack of ribs and a cup of Earl Gray tea.
Thanks to all my crew for taking such good care of me and helping me with crucial decisions like what not to take back to the van and when I should eat.


Anonymous said...

Your booth looks fantastic! I wish I lived closer to Chicago.

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Your booth was outstanding!! I am glad you had time to say Hi.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous, Lois! I wish I could be there to see it all in person. If you do the Long Beach show, I'll bring you some unfrozen eggs...!!

Susan Italo

Lois Jarvis said...

I am glad I had time to say hi to you too! the booth got REAL busy right after that and I never got a chance to spend much time with anybody else.

I am not doing the Long Beach show but I heard from some of the other vendors that they make a lot of money there. So maybe next year...

The rest of you can see me in Houston this year!!!