Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ready to Go...almost

To get all my stuff from Madison, WI to the International Quilt Festival in Rosemont, IL, I rented a van. Can you guess from this picture which one is the van and which one is our Subaru Outback wagon? If you guessed the van is on the left you are correct! The picture below shows a fraction of the stuff I needed to take with me.
We managed to fit it all in and the van is not even half full. My assistant asked how I manage to get all that stuff into the Subaru. I told her I don't always have to take so much stuff. But with teaching rust dyeing, presenting at two samplers, teaching a class for Make It U and what I will need for the Open Studio, I just felt I needed a bigger transportation vehicle. And I was right!

Here is what the dinning room looked like after we moved everything to the van.
I have not seen that part of the carpet in WEEKS!!!!
Be sure to stop by and say hi at booth #1638. I am looking forward to meeting you, my dear Rust-Tex.blogspot.com reader.


cornbaby said...

bon voyage! good luck!

Jean said...

Hi I saw you at the quilt show. Fabuouse items. I think I bought a Koy pursre kit from you. But when I got home I discovered there was no pattern in the package. How do I put this together?
Jean Lange
please emal me at jeanmutzie@tds.net

Anonymous said...
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