Friday, February 26, 2010

Winners of the Rust-Tex Collection

Today I am posting about Jean Cheszek.
Jean been quilting for 6 years, but she has never made a traditional quilt.
She was inspired by her sister, who's work you can see here:
Jean needed some artwork to fill up all the blank walls in her new house.
Early on she discovered the joys of dyeing her own fabric. When she saw the Rust-Tex booth at a quilt show, she knew it would be something else she needed to try. With both hand dyeing and rust dyeing, Jean loves that the process can yield completely serendipitous results.
Moonstruck details
She does not have a blog or a website. However she does make quilts for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI). "Fading Memories" will be part of the March auctions. You can bid on it here:
Fading Memories
Here is Jean's artist statement for this piece: My parents both suffered from Alzheimer's. This quilt portrays them as young adults when they each served in the Navy in World War II. The fabric in the quilt is made from photos taken over the course of their lives -- representing all the memories that faded as Alzheimer's progressed. The back of the quilt shows the photo montage along with a more recent photo of my parents.

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