Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winners of the Rust-Tex Collection

Today's post is about Daryl Dunlap.
Daryl's quilt is the smallest one in the Rust-Tex Collection. At 8 1/2 x 11", Homestead, is one of her journal quilts.
Daryl has been quilting fewer than three years and art quilting for less than half of that time. Since she is a “young” quilter, she constantly tries new techniques to improve her skills and build up her knowledge bank. Daryl discovered a short article on rust dyeing in an older quilt magazine and has never looked back. Although she continues to try new techniques in both traditional piecing and art quilting, the rust dyeing technique continues to pull her in over and over again. Homestead
To date, all of her experiments and experience with rust dyeing have evolved from the whole cloth approach. She loves the randomness of wrapping odd sized pieces of fabric around even odder pieces of rusty whatever. Her approach is to then try to pull out an image from the resulting imprint and create a design around it.
Detail of Homestead
The judges felt her pieces looked like Oriental Art.
Rust dyed whole cloth quilt, machine applique house, free-motion machine quilting, binding is hand done using cotton embroidery thread.

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City Mouse said...

Dear Lois - I just found your blog by accident... sometimes when I am looking at a blog, I just click the "next blog" button to see what comes up. This time I definitely scored! You are added to my favorites list now, and I can see I will be spending time going through your older posts. Lovely! I love your hexagon crazy quilts, may have to try that myself.