Saturday, March 27, 2010


While taking a walk, with my friend, we came across some chickens. Until last year it was illegal to keep chickens in Madison, WI. There was a strong movement called, "The Chicken Underground" that pushed hard to have that law repealed. Which is one reason that one of Madison nicknames is Mad City.
Here is the girl who helps with the chickens. I love this picture because her hair is almost the same color as the chicken.
Her father gave us some fresh eggs. Did you know the white chickens lay white eggs and the brown ones lay brown eggs? I did not probably because I grew up in the city of Chicago, not one of the suburb and was VERY removed from farm life.
We also saw a redheaded woodpecker on our walk. We have decided to take more walks. Especially if they are so full of adventures as this one was.


Beth said...

What you have there, my friend, is a red bellied woodpecker, not a red headed woodpecker. There is a subtle difference . . . the red headed has a completely red head where the red bellied has just the top that is red. They also have a red spot low on their belly, hence the name. A fun sighting just the same!! I've had these in my back yard, the love suet!

Ella said...

Hi mom, it was actually made legal in 2004 to keep chickens in Madison: -Ella