Saturday, March 06, 2010


I got a call from the property master of the TV series CSI. They wanted to buy some rust dust. I have no idea when this episode will air so I don't feel bad posting an outline of the plot. A man dies. The crime is solved by opening up his stomach and using magnets to find that he was killed by drinking too much rusty water. I told the property master that rust dust is not magnetic. I did find some iron oxide I bought from a chemical company to use as rust dust was magnetic. It had been anneal so it didn't work for the my "Rust Dust Sprinkle" technique. The iron oxide I bought is a very fine powder. I plan to send him some rust flakes, which he can grind up, if they need something larger to show up on camera.

As promised here is the result of the double galaxy.


Pat's Place said...

This piece is GORGEOUS!!! Let us know what you do with it - it's so richly colored and elegantly designed.

Isn't fabric rusting wonderful?!

Lois Jarvis said...

Thanks Pat!

I will probably sell it in Chicago. I am working on a way to sell the fabrics online. I consider each piece of fabric an individual work of art. So I want folks to see the pieces they are buying. I think I found a way to do that.