Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Three Days to Go...

...before I leave for Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair in Grayslake, IL. Here is what the dinning room looks like. And I still have a few things to add!!!
I am hopping it will all fit in the van we bought just before I went to Houston.
Here is the story of how it happened:
To rent a U-Haul van cost $19.95 to rent per day. On top of that they charge you 50 cents per mile plus gas. When I told my DH it would cost me $2,000, he said that would be a good down payment on a van. So we went looking at vans two weeks before I was to leave for Houston. We found the one we wanted to buy a week before I left. I picked it up with three days to spare. Enough time for OUR mechanic to look it over and reassure me it WOULD make it to Houston.
It was VERY humid while I was waiting in line to set up for the show. The van still had temporary license plates that were made of cardboard.

They warped because of the humidity!!!

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