Thursday, July 22, 2010

Winners of the Rust-Tex Collection

Today I am posting about one of the winners of the Rust-Tex Collection, Carol Ann Waugh, who lives in Denver, CO. She is the author of three quilting books, including the classic, Patchwork Quilt Design and Coloring Book, which was published in 1983.
Earth & Sky
Machine pieced, rust dyed 100% cotton, hand dyed fabric by the artist, machine quilted.
I found this on her blog, "Last summer, I fell in love with rusting fabric. Unfortunately, I live in a very clean city and no matter where I looked, I couldn't find any rusted objects. So I actually ended up buying my first rusted objects online. Imagine!
Now, my garage is full of plates, nails, horse shoes, gears, metal sheets, you name it, I have it! I experimented with white and colored fabric and decided a combination of these gave me a great palate to work with. Not only did I love the surprising results each time, but using this fabric in my art quilts also gave me great ideas for enhancing the marks with machine quilting."
Carol Ann's inspiration, "The hand rusted cotton was made over several weeks by the artist and in many cases a piece was put through the rusting process numerous times. This piece is part of a series of works related to the physical properties of our planet and it's relationship to the universe, as we now know it."
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