Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Where I Have Been Continued

Karen Miller from Corvallis, OR posted on the Quilt Art list that she would be driving across the country on US 20 and would be willing to teach Katazome, which is Japanese stenciling, along the way.
I know that road!!!
It runs just south of Rockford which is 1.5 hours south of Madison. So I organized a class for her. It was held here at the Goodman Center in Madison. The above picture is their new building. The old building, shown below, was an iron works. The building is one of the most green in Madison.
The picture below is of Karen Miller mixing up the resist paste. It had to steam and while it did, we cut our stencils.

Here is one of the class members cutting a very ambitious stencil.

When the resist paste was ready we each paste two of Karen's stencils. The stencils we cut would not be ready the next day.

Here is one of John Marshall's stencils. He studied Katazome in Japan for many years. He is the EXPERT in the field. Karen bought this piece before he got so famous she couldn't afford his prices any more.

This is Karen on day two mixing up the colors we would use to dye our stencils with. They are made from pigments. They are held to the fabric with soy milk. Not the kind you buy in the store. You make it from dry soybeans soaked in water, put through a blender, squeezed out and repeat the process with the soybeans again. The Japanese have names for each press of the soybean.

Here is the scarf I made. Several people used my design so we have them in several different sizes.
Here are the finished scarves.
Everyone thanked me for setting up such a great class.
All I wanted to get out of it was to meet Karen Miller. For years I have admired the work she posted on the Quilt Art list. And she was just as nice as I imagined her to be.


Gerrie said...

Yes, she is! I am lucky to be in groups with her here in Portland and I have stayed in her home and seen her incredible studio. I am missing her this summer.

kathisgardenart said...

Small world, because I live about 45 minutes from Corvallis,(I am one of the Rust - Tex winners) . I have also been at a Garden show selling my Metal Garden Sculpture and she(Karen Miller) was doing demos. Her stuff is very cool.