Friday, January 14, 2011

Exciting News!!!

Quilter's Home Magazine published this about Rust-Tex:
If you click on the picture you can read it what they wrote.
If you want a summary they are encouraging people to buy the "Trees Kit".
It is their Feb/Mar 2011 issue if you want to buy it.
Whenever I am at JoAnn's Fabric Stores, and they have magazines at 10% off, I buy it. I like it so much I actually subscribed to it. You can too by clicking here! I can't actually send to the page where you can subscribe. If you go to the home page, in the upper right hand corner there is a place that says, "Subscribe Now".
Do it!!!
You will be happy you did.

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Pat Vivod said...

What a nice introduction to your website! Hope you get lots of new business.