Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Queen

Every year on my birthday, which is in December, I invite the members of the UFO Club to "The Queen's Birthday Party". I am the Queen of the UFO Club, as I had the most Un-Finished Objects. I taught for 15 years and started a new project with my students every week for ten weeks, twice a year. When I stopped teaching I had over 100 UFO's!!! Which is how I became Queen. No one else had any where near that many. Eight years later, I am down to less than 70.
Whoo Hoo!
Way to go Lois!!!

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Bailey said...

does UFO refer to unfinished projects? if so, then i could give you a run for your money. there's also an episode of "the new adventures of old christine" that addresses all of the things christine starts without finishing.

despite my lack of capitalization of words and inability to finish things, i am surprisingly getting a master's degree in journalism. if you're ever bored, you can read about my adventures in school at my blog: