Sunday, January 23, 2011

Madison Contemporary Fiber Artists

Here are pictures I took at the opening reception of the Turning Point show of the Madison Contemporary Fiber Artists at the Overture Center in Madison, WI.

This is me in front of my piece, Moonrise.

People spent along time reading what we had written. The show was up last week. One of our members attended the a concert of the Symphony Orchestra, and noticed that people had to lean over to read the artist statements. She and her friend move them up so the general public didn't have to strain their backs to read what we had written.

Here is what an overall shot. I told you there would be people in the way. The piece with the whooping crane is by Susan Jackan. It has the thoughtful title, Sharing Air. Below her piece is her artist statement.
Sharing Air
The reintroduction of the whooping crane in Necedah, Wisconsin represents a turning point in the survival of this ancient species of bird. Cranes share the air with plant life of nature and with the wind turbines dotting the landscape. Turbines signify a turning point in cleaner energy production.

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