Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Red Sky in Morning, Sailors Take Warning

Sunrise 06-06-06

Being awake at 4am is strange to start with and the colors I was seeing were all wrong. There had to be a very red sunrise to make the view out the west window those colors. That or the house across the street was on fire. So I got out of bed to see what was what. It was indeed the sunrise!
Recalling the old saying," Red sky in morning, sailors take warning" I wished I had taken time yesterday to roll some more bottles.
I was not surprised when the tornado sirens went off this evening. I was expecting wild weather today.
8:25 pm 06-06-06
My big rust-tex event today was the arrival of another package from Dharma of 60 scarves and a gallon of synthrapol. I already washed out 10 of them. I put them in nylon bags to keep them from getting tangled in the wash machine. So far I only have 5 bags, two to a bag seems to work best. I am keeping a eye out for more bags at garage sales!


Amy Climer said...

gorgeous sunrise photos Lois! And to think I could have gotten up to see it too!

Judy said...

Does your sun really rise at 4:00 AM? Ours is a bit lazier, or slower perhaps? It doesn't come up until about 6:00...of course we are in the south where the livin' is easy!
Love reading your posts and learning about your rust process.