Friday, June 30, 2006

Seven Down and No More to Go

Here they are, the last of the seven quilts, all finished.
The three in the first picture were started years ago because a mother saved sewing scraps from clothes she made for her three daughters. When those girls grew up someone took the sewing scraps and started these quilts. That person became unable to finish them so I was hired to border, quilt and bind them. They are cheerful quilts full of many warm memories for the women who will receive them.
I am quite proud of this quilt! It is a 50th birthday quilt for the woman who heads up the K-9 unit of the Madison police department. It features t-shirts from special events in her life spread over many years. I try to make each t-shirt quilt a unique design. As you can see if you compare this one to the one posted at "One Down and Seven to Go" on June 5th.
These done,(whew) I am going back to rust dyeing! (yeah)

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Elena said...

Way to go - quilts finished and back to rustification!