Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Two Down and Five to Go

Remember those seven quilts I have to finish by June 30? Well, Here is a photo of number two.

Okay it is actually only a wallhanging, 33" x 52". And it isn't really finished. This one and the next (Friday's post) are this year's service project for the Mad City Quilter's Guild. Someone else will be hand sewing the binding. Lots of people contributed blocks. All I did was design the project, arrange the blocks, sash them, quilt the sashing and do the sewing machine part of the binding and hanging sleeves.

The Rust-Tex Report for 06-07-06

If you had any side bets on how long I could stay away from the rust win if you bet on less than two days.I was out there today and set up a total two yards and two scarves. Can't wait to see the results!!!

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