Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Maps Rayon Top

Here are photos of the Rayon top I said I would post.
Of course you want to see the finished product, so...
TA DA!!!
The next picture is of the initial set up. I used rubber bands to hold two rusty cake pans together. The rayon top was wrapped around them and held in place with more rubber bands. Copper wire was wrapped round and round and round. I used three time as much wire on this than I usually use.
You can see the texture of the cake pans near the top of the set up. You can not see the rubber bands because they are white and blend into the shirt. The rubber bands are very visible in the photo below. I took this photo after I removed the copper wire while it was still wrapped around the cake pans.
I was hoping to get a stronger liner pattern on the shirt. But I am not unhappy with the way it turned out.

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