Friday, August 17, 2007

Trees Shirt

This first picture is how the "Trees" t-shirt looked just before I rinsed it. I wanted to show you how the rust dust was arranged around the bottom of the shirt. Also how dark the patterning looked. Here is the finished shirt after it was rinsed, washed, and artfully arranged on Theresa, my model.
Here is a detail of the bust area.

The patterning came out the strongest inside the shirt.

I had expected "Trees" not "Maps". The color I had hoped for in the shoulder area and near the bottom never developed. Over all it just looks like a dirty shirt. I do learn from my mistakes and will try this again sometime but not tomorrow. We are moving our youngest daughter into her first college dorm room and leaving her in a different city to start a new chapter in her life.


Anonymous said...

Lois, I absolutely LOVE the trees t-shirt. Gorgeous!

Jan H.

Beth said...

Lois, maybe try it starting out with the shirt inside out? Other than that, it's WAY better than a dirty shirt!