Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Rainy Day in Wisconsin

I knew it was going to rain today so why I did some Stormy Skies set ups yesterday is beyond me!!!
I guess I was tried of doing black dye baths for t-shirts. And felt like doing something more creative.
I set up this little linen piece that had just the perfect place for a landscape in the oval embroidery.

Here is the original set up.

I use that little rake to shape the fabric wrinkles. The rubber gloves I wear don't allow for such fine detail work.

Here is the same piece about and hour later.

An hour after that.

I was worried that the area inside the oval would never turn black. Then it got too dark to take any more pictures.

First thing in the morning, taken while it is still wet from the rain

In the morning things turned out just perfect.
After the rinse out (which I did in the basement because it WAS raining hard this morning) I ended up with this.Neat, Huh?

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