Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Between the sheets of rain and the sheets of fabric is what today post is about. I was able to work in the dye studio between the rain showers today. I had dyed a yard of fabric a wonderful daub. That is what we call light khaki today. It was too evenly dyed for my taste so I decided to lay dandelions on it, roots, stems, flowers, seed heads, and whatever else came along when I pulled them out of the ground today, which included mud, sticks and grass.
To help hold the dandelions in place I put a piece of white cotton over them. Thinking that layer might be pretty bland I sprinkled rust dust on it.
Then I bundled the whole thing with copper wire.
The bottle wraps are doing nicely out there in the rain. I managed work about 1.5 hours outside in the dye studio today. I had just finished bringing in the stuff that has to stay dry, like the box of salt, when a big crash of thunder sounded. So I quickly locked the door and went down to my basement studio to turn off my computer. One way or another I was going to keep thunder and lightning out of my life.

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