Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lots to Write About Today

The first picture shows how much rain came down at dinner time yesterday. It was an empty cup before the rain started!!!
The second cup shows how much more rain we got this afternoon.
The third picture is what I got when I unwrapped the bundle of joy. I unwrapped it because it started to get stinky!!! I was able to retain the green left by the copper wire by rinsing the piece in ammonia. The photo below shows a detail of that.
It was too cool to use the paint stripper today. The label said it would work fastest when the weather is between 70-80F. Rust dyeing works best at that temperature too. So instead of stripping, I dyed. I set out a pan full of scarves, a set of star squares and another mono print scarf using the ailing lawn mower spring. Also a pan of fabric that I hope to use to make more coin pieces. So I had a busy day in the studio even tho it was a wet one.

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Catherine (Illinois) said...

just a quick note to say how much I'm enjoying your blog - I plan to try some fabric rusting this summer - your 'bundle of joy' turned out nicely - really like the green marks too.