Thursday, May 11, 2006

Coins 2

This is a piece I made using Rust-Tex that was a very white fabric to start with. I laid it on a really rusty cookie sheet so only parts of it were in contact with the rust. I didn't like it much when it was finished. I thought the design was spotty looking, not all running together making an all over design like I strive so hard to achive. But then...
I found some old office rubber stamps at a garage sale...
One of them said "These coins checked by a professional numismatist" another said "Uncirculated". When I came up with the idea of using the spotty piece of Rust-Tex, which was suggestive of rock layers, and the rubber stamps to create additional strata, I knew I had a winning combination. The piecing pattern is called "Chinese Coins" so I sewed real and reproduction Chinese coins on it. There are also fossils and rock chips sewed and glued on in flowing lines, again suggesting rock layers.
All the elements work together telling the viewer that coins come from veins deep in the earth.

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