Sunday, April 27, 2008

All Good Things Must Come To An End

International Quilt Festival in Chicago was fun but exhausting for me. It was the best week-end of my professional career so far. So many cool things happened I would loose readers if I mentioned them all. I thought more people would be interested to see how the show looked about an hour after it closed. This first picture is the Rust-Tex booth,, at 3:53 just 53 minutes after the show officially closed, these men were in my spot tearing down the walls. The carpet in the first aisle was rolled up about 5 minutes after the show closed.
This second shot was taken just before we left, at 4:15. The sign for "Aisle 1200" is hanging above those red shipping crates.

See you next year!!!
(It has been too cold and windy for rust dyeing these last few days. They are predicting snow for Wednesday!!! So I am rearranging my studio. Moving what I don't do any more out of the way to make room for I do now.)

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