Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Still Too Windy to Work

There were "high wind advisories" in the forecast today. I am not sure what that means. But I could tell I didn't want to be out on the deck today!!! So I busied myself inside the house putting away some more of the boxes I took to Quilt Fest. Will I ever get all those boxes out of my dining room?
I promised you detailed shots of the results from my classes at Quilt Fest so here they are. This first one is the third from the left in yesterday's picture. In yesterday's picture you can also see the wind was blowing so hard it pushed the fabric against the deck supports. The fabrics were totally dried in about 30 minutes.

This one developed very strong patterning because I didn't add any extra water. It only had on it what I sprayed on to keep the salt in place. I just popped it into a plastic bag to bring it home and POOF!!! What great patterning!!! Here is a detailed shot:

And finally a stormy skies that I set up in the rust dyeing class. I didn't think it would develop well because I brought it back to my booth and one of the workers kept lifting it up the cloth to show customers how it was working. But it turned out spectacular!!!

Tomorrow I will post the pictures of the results of the ice dyeing. All three of my daughters asked about it today. That makes me think you would like to see it too.

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Liz said...

Wow, that piece is amazing, Lois! I got a similar, very serendipitous (for me) piece which looks just like an antique map..