Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Successful Student

One of the students who took the rust dyeing class on Thursday afternoon came by the booth on Sunday to show the results of her class project. I love that the picture captures her glowing with pride about her successful first piece of rust dyed fabric.
In the class each student was provided with the "Trees" Starter Kit (available at the Rust-Tex store). This student did a variation that created mesas instead of trees. Instead of laying the tube down in the water to create a pond, meadow and trees, you stand the tube up with the fabric pushed to the end of the tube that will stand in the water. The water wicks up the tube instead of around it. As the water passes over the copper wire it creates the mesa look.
In the detail picture you can easily see the mesa effect. The top of the fabric was actually the end that was in the water. The greenish tones are from the weird lighting at the show. That dark shadow in the lower left is the shadow of her hand.
I will be teaching rust dyeing twice more this summer at these events:
Sewing and Quilt Expo, June 7 morning
Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Show, July 18 afternoon
Hope to see you in class!!!

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